What Our Residents Say About Vernon Woods

"Come see us at Vernon Woods! We may not be readily available. We may be on a field trip, or playing horseshoes, or being entertained by a local artist, or in the reading room. If we are eating, you can be sure we are having a good meal.  Sometimes we are having a party, especially if it is near a holiday! We may be playing Bingo, working a puzzle, or playing Farkle. Follow the clapping and happy sounds to our Hospitality area where we have coffee and biscuits, read the news, or magazines. There is always something going on; or we may be in our apartment with our dog or cat, or having friends in for a visit. Don’t be a stranger; drop in sometime."
Margaret Park, July 2018
“We all feel Mom & Dad could not have had a better place to live anywhere than Vernon Woods these last two years.  Dad always said he wished they had moved there five years sooner, just so they could have enjoyed it more.  The apartments, facilities, dining, grounds, and activities are all wonderful, but it is you, your caring staff, and the other residents that make VW truly a home and an extended family for our loved ones.  We will always have many fond memories of Mom & Dad’s time there, and don’t be surprised to see Cathy and me making visits from time to time to see the new friends we’ve come to know, and occasionally for one of Chef Jeff’s superb meals.”
Bill Otto, June 2017
I visited this facility (5 / 5 Stars) Vernon Woods was really clean and had a very social group in a park-like setting. All of the rooms had nice views. The kitchen was adequate, and would have been easy to keep clean, but, they have housekeeping once a week. There was washer and dryer in the unit and a nice-sized walk-in closet. The bathroom had a shower and was sufficient, and appropriate. It had tiled floors and carpeting. The director was friendly and familiar with everyone; she introduced me to people as we passed by. The location was 2/10 of a mile to a hospital, and my personal doctor is right in the area too, so that was really nice and convenient. They had day trips, evening trips, and they had a van to take you to appointments. They served two meals a day with large servings in a very nice dining room. It was reasonably priced. I was really impressed and wouldn't mind living there.
Caren, via Caring.com – May 2017
Why Vernon Woods Retirement Community? After my wife passed away, I decided to stay in my home.  A year later, and seeing how lonesome alone could be, I decided to look for an apartment.  Since I had no family in this vicinity, my niece from North Carolina came down to help me decide what route to take.  After seeing an ad for Vernon Woods Retirement Community, we made a visit to see what was offered.  I could see this was where I needed to be.  The apartments were well affordable and compared to a private home, were just as safe and comfortable.  I enjoy complete privacy, great food, transportation, daily activity, a caring staff and no worries about a private home.  After a year at Vernon Woods Retirement Community, I have found my “new home”, and new friends.  I now have complete happiness.  Vernon Woods is the place to be! - Tom Slagle
Tom Slagle, Resident, April 2017
The staff were always very friendly & they had a lot of activities for the residents & their visitors. My grandmother very much enjoyed living here. The facility was clean & did not look dated. When I have eaten dinner here before, I enjoyed it, but it was nothing special (probably for sensitive stomachs). I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone who is looking into assisted, but still somewhat independent living.    
Friend, September 2012, Caring.com
My sister is perfectly settled in at Vernon Woods. It is a wonderful facility, and she is perfectly happy there. The amenities are great. The size is conducive to what my sister will be more comfortable with. The location is private in a wooded area and very quiet. The facility is at least 14 years old, but it is very well maintained with an upbeat, bright, and cheery atmosphere. The have all sorts of different activities like drawing, physical fitness, and exercise. They go on field trips to museums. It is on a large river, so they have river boat rides. They have dinner parties and shows that they go to. They have a library and bring people in for entertainment, like singers, comedians, and impersonators. The staff is very good and those in the supervisory position have a long tenure at Vernon Woods. They are very informative and helpful, answer all my questions, and reach out to me periodically whenever there are issues or questions or if my sister is ill. They call me and let me know what her status is. They keep me in a loop and communicate very effectively.    
George, March 2017, Caring.com
I absolute it loved Vernon Woods. I told the lady there that whenever the time came where I had to move my dad, that's where we would go. It was a nice, clean place in a nice, wooded area with a pond with ducks. It gave me the feeling of peace. It was friendly and would be something that my dad would like. It was close to where I lived. The room was very nice. I liked the layout and absolutely loved the well-kept grounds with nice walking paths and ponds. They had a lot of activities going on and a small kitchen.    
Betty, March 2017, Caring.com
February 18, 2016 During a resident council meeting, the residents expressed their desire to issue a "Letter of Appreciation" to all of the wonderful associates at Vernon Woods.  The letter contained the following comments from the residents:
  • "There is NO organization that has a better staff than right here!"
  • "We are made to feel at home and not like we are in an institution"
  • "We are family"
  • "We think everything is fine and we are happy as a lark."
  • "We all hope Jessica has an easy delivery and we will be saying a little prayer for her and her baby too."
Dear Editor- I pause from a very busy day to tell one and all of the gratitude in my heart for finding my way to Vernon Woods. Under the direction of Susan Burdick, this place is run like a well-oiled clock. Mealtime is a joy, peppered with the “Darlings” and “Sweethearts” of Johnice and the warm smiles and pats of Alicia and all the wait staff. Jeffery Tucker’s meals are varied and delicious.Denise Stewart manages to get us to activities in LaGrange that seem worthwhile and manages a complicated schedule for us here – all done with panache. Our dashing young chauffeur Jessica Bunn takes us to doctors, dentists, etc. Anything mechanical that needs repair, like TVs and computers as well as building maintenance, is done expeditiously by Deana our lady Maintenance Director and her affable 6-foot assistant Michael. “Fit for You ” Director Dottie Fonte makes it so much fun to do lumosity and Yoga and more. She is skilled and inclusive in the work she does here, all done so lovingly. The desk is well handled by Michele Smith, and Cheryl Messer is on call to help with health problems.These amazing staff members are cross trained so they can fill in anywhere. In an emergency, it is not unusual to see Susan Burdick waiting on tables.Sales Director Kathy Howard was the one who handled my arrival and did a great job of smoothing the way here. I am safe, secure and feeling the love that is spreading like a virus in this community.I came here at a low point in my life, perhaps due to some losses. I was needy and Vernon Woods is answering those needs. The staff does everything imaginable to meet my needs. Now, at 82, I am raring to go! Well, more or less.I send hugs and love to them all through the LaGrange Daily News. P.S. When it is after 9 p.m. and I forget my key, Theresa is always here to let me in.  
Edna M. Foster – Letter to LaGrange Daily News
  I love referring people to Vernon Woods. The staff is always prompt, courteous and eager to meet new perspective residents. The quality of service and the community is by far the nicest in the area. When our residents are ready for a lesser level of care I feel confident in knowing they will be well cared for at Vernon Woods. After many years of referring perspective residents to independent and assisted living it’s the community I chose for my own mother.  
Teresa Futral, LMSW, Social Worker, Florence Hand Home

“When I decided to plan for retirement living, for several years I rode from place to place – from North and South Carolina to Alabama and Georgia – looking into all kinds of retirement communities. Someone told me to be sure and look in LaGrange. I did and I found a beautiful little city! I knew no one and had no relatives or old friends here. I came back several times with my children to show them Vernon Woods and LaGrange. We all agreed it was the place for me – a lovely town, beautiful campus, friendly people, and good food! I am delighted that I moved here. A big plus is the availability of assisted living on site. Another plus is LaGrange College and their swimming pool; and the Senior Center in town with all kinds of activities. Lots of arts stuff, too – concerts, the local symphony orchestra, and several theatre groups. Lots of great churches, too. I could go on and on. I love being here, and I am glad I chose Vernon Woods as my home. P.S. Oh yes, there’s a full service gas station in LaGrange, too! ”

Anne Coxhead


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